To Help Families Impacted by Coronavirus - Bay County Sports Club is Currently Offering All Events 100% FREE!

To Help Families Impacted by Coronavirus- Bay County Sports Club is Currently Offering All Events 100% FREE!


There is no doubt that Covid-19 has taken a massive toll on us all. For most of us it has been a mentally exhausting, and emotionally draining experience. We have quarantined for months and months, been away from our friends and family, worked from home, while at the same time teaching our kids. We wear uncomfortable masks everywhere we go, and nothing seems normal anymore.

Covid-19 also affected some families in a major way financially. Businesses were closed, some permanently. Hours were cut, workers were laid off. I cannot imagine the financial stress and burden that some parents have gone through in the past year.

Imagine how our kids have been affected! These poor kids went through Hurricane Michael and handled it like champions, and just when things are starting to get back to normal, BAM, Coronavirus. Our kids need exercise, social interaction, and time with their friends to let loose and forget about all the craziness in the world. The kids in our community NEED sports and activities in their lives right now.  

This got us thinking, how can we serve the community in this time of need, but still be able to pay our bills and remain in business? After a long consideration the answer was clear. We decided to change our whole business model for the time being, and run 100% on donations. Bay County needs to come together as a community now more than ever, and we want to do our part.

This is why we are currently offering all of our events 100% FREE to the students of Bay County!

That being said we do still have bills to pay to continue operating. If we provide you with great service and value, and you can afford to donate when you attend an event, we greatly appreciate you helping us remain in business!


Donations can be made in the following ways:


Venmo: @BayCountySportsClub


Cash app: $BayCountySportsClub


*Cash at the event is fine too!



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