Giving Back to the Community

As a teacher and coach for eight years now I have seen many kids come through the school system. Something that has always stood out to me is how many kids do not even own a pair of decent tennis shoes to wear to gym class.

There have been many times in my career as a physical education teacher where I had a student failing my class. The reason these students were failing was because part of their grade is based on changing in to athletic attire for class (tennis shoes, athletic shorts or pants, and a t-shirt or sweatshirt). Time and time again after talking with these students about why they were not changing for class I found out that they literally did not own any clothing or shoes that were appropriate for athletics.

Many times I went over to Nike and bought students shoes or clothes and just like that they went from a poor grade, to an “A” in my class. The look on their face gets me every time when I call them in to my office and hand them a brand-new Nike bag with a new outfit or a Nike box with a brand new pair of shoes.

It is truly sad how many students have never even owned a new pair of shoes or clothing in their entire lives.

I found the same issue coaching sports. So many players couldn’t afford to buy basic sports equipment like cleats or basketball shoes. Bay County Sports Club is committed to helping underprivileged Bay County students and athletes obtain the clothing and equipment needed to be confident and successful in physical education class and after school sports.

Every child deserves a nice pair of shoes or a new t-shirt in their lives, and for that reason Bay County Sports Club donates a percentage of any profit made to purchase sports equipment and sports attire for young students and athletes in need.